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What is this test for?

English Level Test

This test will help you understand your level of English – there are 30 questions and the test will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.


You will also have the option of taking an IELTS Placement Test if you want to study IELTS exam preparation.


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What do I need to do?

Answer questions all about English grammar and vocabulary and you’ll receive a fast estimation of your English level.

The test will only take 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

What are the levels?

There are 7 levels, they are:


1. Beginner (A1) – for students with little or no English.

2. Elementary (A2) – for students with a little English.

3. Pre-Intermediate (B1) – for students who can have simple conversations in English.

4. Intermediate (B1+) – for students who have a lot of experience with English.

5. Upper-Intermedate (B2) – for students who can have detailed and accurate conversations.

6. Advanced (C1) – for students who can discuss and understand most things very well.

7. Proficiency (C2) – for students who can speak about everything in English fluently and accurately.